My desire to document love goes far beyond the altar! Whether you are recently engaged, about to welcome a baby, or have been married for a decade, I would love the opportunity to help you celebrate whatever stage of life you are in. Here are just a few stories I tell with my camera, but if there's any other way I could serve you, please reach out to me!


Document the beautiful season you are in 

Whether your relationship is new and exciting, or you said your vows 5 years ago, I think every single love story is worth documenting again and again and again. Together, we will go somewhere beautiful and have fun taking pictures for you to print and share wherever you like. Available in Washington State and beyond.

Maternity session

The transition as you grow your family

Celebrating life is so important to me. My desire is to photograph every season of life, and the month before you bring a little bundle of love into this world can be full of intimacy & anticipation that you'll want to remember later. Whether it is just the mama or mama + partner, we will dream up a shoot that makes you feel like the beautiful, powerful, tenacious woman you are.


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photography mentorship

building community

through photography

I had the immense privilege of learning photography from more experienced photographers who trusted me to join them for shoots, and one of my absolute favorite things about this business now is getting to offer that same gift to younger photographers. If you are looking for connection and community as you learn your craft or build your clientele, I’m here for you. 

If you’re interested in picking my brain or if you’re looking for a photography mentor, fill out the contact form here!