My mission is simple: to capture authentic joy and beauty with whoever is in front of my camera. Your wedding or elopement is about YOU, and I will help make sure that you are always the focus. In the stressful moments, I will be by your side reminding you that no matter what, your love will be celebrated. I am ready to invest in you. 

Weddings are expensive, and I know that your photos are going to be what you hold and cherish forever. I don’t take this investment lightly. You can trust that just as you invest financially, I will invest my heart and soul into the opportunity to know you and celebrate you.

You are here because you

I can’t wait to document your day - 


have found the one you love



+ Pre Wedding Catch Up

Whether it’s via Skype/ Zoom, over the phone or in person, we’ll make it happen!

+ Full Days Coverage

From morning to night - starting at 6 hours, tailored to your schedule. 

+ High-Resolution Images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

+ Pre-Wedding Gifts

A little package full of locally made gifts to simply say thank you

+ Online Gallery

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. 

+ A Contribution to Bring Joy + Fight Cancer

A percent of your investment is donated to the Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation in honor of my dear friend


moments planed & mundane

& everything in between


Before I even show up, we will have established a sweet relationship. I won't be a stranger to you at all. I will have prepared a unique timeline, shot list, and mood board for your day!


I’ll arrive bright and early to settle in quickly and say hi to everyone before I start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead


Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment, including moments that went unseen. That quick kiss at the dinner table or tucking that loose strand of hair behind your ear. All the moments that make your heart flutter.


I’ll be the chameleon you want me to be – whether you want me to be the ringmaster herding everyone up for a shot, or to sneak around in the background, capturing all the natural, candid moments. No cheesiness or cringy, forced poses here!


Once the wedding day is over, there are very few things you will tangibly hold onto. Your wedding photos are one of them. The pictures you have me take throughout the whole day are meant for you to look at and enjoy for generations to come. With the digital world changing every single day I want to make sure your photos outlive you. That is why I want to introduce you to the Heirloom Albums.

The Heirloom Albums are a lifetime’s keepsake that are beautifully hand-made in the USA, just for you. The album is a tangible way to relive all the memories; a celebration of the start to your legacy. I promise you, the feeling of being able to hold all those precious moments in your hands, rather than just seeing it on a digital screen, is absolutely irreplaceable. 

For an extra investment, you can ensure that your wedding story will be told through images for decades & decades to come. These are an available add-on with every wedding package!

Fine art albums,

handcrafted memories

your professional third wheel

No story

If you hire me as your wedding photographer, you can expect to laugh a lot, dance, frolic, and share meaningful stories. I will undoubtedly become a big fan of your relationship and will gratefully cheer you on as you continue to adventure through life.

is one

& the same

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