Airstream Glamping at Autocamp Yosemite

Just outside of Yosemite National Park, you’ll find Autocamp – the perfect home base when exploring the park, a unique glamping experience, and a great place for some photos! An in-home session can be super cozy and meaningful, and using an Airstream will make it even more special, whether it’s for engagement photos, while you’re getting ready for an epic elopement in the park, or just for fun. Autocamp Yosemite is a one of a kind spot to stay, and to take some photos of you and your love!

A couple sitting on the bed in an Airstream at Autocamp Yosemite.
A view of all the Airstreams at Autocamp Yosemite.

Accommodations at Autocamp Yosemite

When you stay at Autocamp Yosemite, you can have your photo session in a one of a kind Airstream, a canvas glamping tent, or a cabin!

A couple reading together outside of their Airstream at Autocamp Yosemite.

Airstream Glamping

The Airstreams are what make Autocamp truly unique – you can stay in one of the cozy trailers, tucked in the woods just outside of Yosemite National Park. They’ve got absolutely everything you need inside, including a bathroom, bedroom, and a kitchenette! Each Airstream glamping site even has its own space outdoors, so you can enjoy the views and the serenity of being out in the forest.

A couple sitting on the porch outside their Airstream at Autocamp Yosemite.

Tent Glamping

There are a few glamping sites at Autocamp Yosemite that have an Airstream and a canvas tent – to host more guests! You can also choose to stay in the Luxury Tent, a glamping tent that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the amenities. You’ll have a bed with a comfy mattress, heating, a fridge and an outdoor cooking area, and big windows to enjoy the views from the comfort of your home away from home.


If you want something that’s a step up from glamping, Autocamp Yosemite also has cabins to stay in! You’ll have your choice of modern, comfortable cabins that are gorgeous on the outside and cozy on the inside, providing the perfect backdrop for photos.

How to Book Autocamp Yosemite

Whether you want a place to stay and to get ready for your elopement day in Yosemite, or you just want to take some cozy couple’s photos somewhere unique, booking your stay at Autocamp is easy! You can use their online booking tool to check pricing and availability, and find dates that work for you.

But, I recommend chatting with a photographer first! Staying flexible with your dates will help you ensure that you can work with the photographer you choose, and work with them to find a date for your photos that works for you. If you’re ready for a fun getaway at Autocamp, contact me!

Katelyn Dilworth

November 7, 2022

Katelyn Kristine is a Washington State based wedding, elopement, and senior photographer. She has a passion for storytelling and loves using words and pictures to bring memories back to life. 


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