A Blackwell Hotel Wedding // Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

The Richardson’s wedding was my first wedding to capture of 2020. I had never been to the Blackwell Hotel in Coeur D’Alene before and I didn’t really know what to expect. Wow, it amazed me. The venue itself is so picturesque with a backyard perfect for intimate weddings. Aurora walked down the aisle in her mother’s wedding dress, and as her groom saw her for the first time, he burst into tears. After the ceremony and family pictures, the couple and I went to a park on Lake Coeur D’Alene for some intimate couples photos. This time, she dawned a sassy two piece wedding outfit. People at the park cheered for the couple as we hiked up the hill to the most beautiful lookout. We wrapped up the evening having a backyard reception at their family friend’s lake house. Surrounded by their favorite people, they were toasted and celebrated. I feel so lucky that I got to be Aurora and Hilton’s wedding photographer. They were so kind and the type of people I know I will be friends with forever.IMG_2490_websize.jpgIMG_2430.jpgIMG_2447.jpgIMG_2541_websize.jpgIMG_2610_websize.jpgIMG_2640_websize.jpgIMG_2659_websize.jpgIMG_2672_websize.jpgIMG_2707_websize.jpgIMG_2724_websize.jpgIMG_2737_websize.jpgIMG_2763_websize.jpgIMG_2766.jpgIMG_2771.jpgIMG_2807.jpgIMG_2830.jpg431A0134.jpgIMG_2853.jpgIMG_2869.jpgIMG_2872.jpgIMG_2919.jpgIMG_2964.jpgIMG_3029.jpgIMG_3215.jpgIMG_3469.jpgIMG_3537.jpgIMG_3538.jpgIMG_3539.jpgIMG_3586.jpgIMG_3653.jpgIMG_3433.jpgIMG_3687.jpgIMG_3735.jpgIMG_3760.jpgIMG_3802.jpgIMG_3881.jpgIMG_3911.jpgIMG_3959.jpgIMG_3996.jpgIMG_4124.jpgIMG_4135.jpgIMG_4151.jpgIMG_4157.jpgIMG_4193.jpgIMG_4318.jpgIMG_4316.jpgIMG_4314.jpgIMG_4271.jpg

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Katelyn Dilworth

November 30, 2020

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